I started Cupcakes Cakes and More as a young, first time expectant mother, stuck at home with a big belly and a hankering for REALLY good cupcakes. I basically spent the my last trimester perfecting the basic recipes that, years later, have bloomed into the indispensable treasures I resort to time and again. I love baking, cooking, creating, getting messy (even more, getting clean), and with three small kids in tow, it’s a rewarding treat for everyone, when mama’s in the kitchen!

My husband owns and runs his own millwork company and when I’m not making something, or cleaning something, I work in the office for him. My  kids fill their days with preschool, playing in the dirt and doing some building of their own, with Legos and Duplos in tote, wherever they go. I have a pitbull  named Max and a charming little cape cod we call home.

I have a great respect for people who make things from scratch, grow their food, use what they need and waste as little as possible. I also tip my hats to people that keep a clean house…seriously, how do you keep a clean house! I am a woman of faith, a woman full of ideas and ambitions, a woman of conviction and compassion. I’m not perfect by any means but I try to look at life as a series of opportunities to see the beauty of it all and give to others along the way. I, like all the rest of you out there, am a superwoman.

But every super hero has their kryptonite…mine is sweets.

My Heart Overfloweth...

My Heart Overfloweth…

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