Unicorn Birthday Party

I love unicorns. I have forced them on my 2 year old daughter. She kind of loves unicorns. She’ll get there. But to help her along, I hyped up the idea of having a super cool, super sparkly, super rainbow-filled unicorn birthday party….and, in her adorably deep and raspy words,

she “y-oved it!”

No Unicorn Party is complete without these 11 things…


1) a gold glitter unicorn 2)rainbow straws and 3) “unicorn horn” lollipop   4) temporary unicorn glitter tattoos



5) unicorn headbands 6) Unicorn literature


7) pink glitter plates 8) rainbow chevron napkins 9) a rainbow frosted cake


10) a gold tinsel backdrop


and of course 11) a 2nd cake with clouds, rainbow and unicorn

IMG_4437Correction…there are 12 things you need for a complete Unicorn Birthday Party…. 12) an adorable little birthday girl!


When having a breakfast birthday party, as we did here… don’t serve donuts with breakfast! There was no room left for CAKE!!!

Happy Birthday Lucy Lu!


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